Quick and Healthy Dessert Ideas!


After the entrée is served, many children are screaming for dessert. There are many ways to serve dessert. Although desserts are usually sweet treats like cakes and pies, there are healthier options that can be served as alternatives to sweet treats.

3 Tips on Serving Healthy Desserts:

  1. Limit the sugar! Expose children to foods that are healthy and taste sweet such as fruits and yogurt. Avoid serving artificial fruit juices; try to stick to water and milk.

2. Stay away from processed sweet treats. For example, avoid serving snacks similar to Little Debbie “honey buns”, Skittles, Chips Ahoy cookies. These snacks are filled with saturated fats, carbohydrates and sodium; too much of this can be unhealthy! Processed foods have been altered from their natural state. Try serving power-packed smoothies (refer to Power-packed smoothies post), fruits, or homemade ice cream.

3. Make food fun! Kids enjoy helping out in the kitchen, so why not let them prepare their own snack? Make food fun by preparing healthy snacks together with your child. Make yogurt parfaits and be sure to include fresh fruits such as strawberries and blueberries.


Here’s a list of healthy desserts


Trail mix

 Fresh fruit salad

 Homemade fruit bars

 Homemade apple sauce

  Whole grain snack bars

 Cinnamon cereal

Recipe for Fruit Bars

Recipe for homemade apple sauce

For more healthy dessert alternatives check out this website

For more tips on decreasing added sugars check out this website

By: Dayanna Reeves


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