Sweet Summer


Mmmmmmmm…summer means sweet fruit, and plenty of it.  Check out your local farms for opportunities to pick your own fruit.  This can be a fun experience for young and old, and it may even help with your child’s pickiness.  My son (as crazy as it sounds) refused to eat strawberries when he was 1 and the first half of his 2’s.  I took him strawberry picking at Way Fruit Farm in Port Matilda, PA, and I figured if nothing else, he’d at least have fun picking the berries.  I was astounded when we got home and he started eating them after we washed them together.  We had a similar experience with watermelon…he helped me wash the ginormous fruit and was super-interested when I started cutting it open.  He still loves both fruits 2 years later at age 4.  So grab a bucket, and pick your own fruit!

Hmmmmm, perhaps farms should do the same for broccoli!

Written by: Lori Francis

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