A healthy gingerbread house, can it be?

The Holiday Season is coming. The Holidays are a special time of celebration filled with delicious food and sparkling decorations. With this Holiday Season coming, there are traditions that follow. The tradition of building a gingerbread house is a special one with the kids.


Spending time with your children is precious especially during the holidays. Children can be very creative when they make a gingerbread house and the whole family can enjoy eating what they made together. Gingerbread houses can also be an activity with children’s friends at a holiday party. Children actually love this! This great tradition has been around throughout centuries.  It is a better way to prepare a healthy a holiday desert that makes you feel a desert without feeling guilty of snacking. How can it be guilt free you wonder? Here are some fun ways to make a gingerbread house with your kids so you can have a healthy festive season:


Topping- Typical gingerbread houses are loaded with unhealthy sugary candy. Instead of using sugary candy, use healthier choices like: Nuts,Seeds, Dried fruit, Pretzels and whole grain cereal.

Icing – Most icing recipes call for shortening, butter and tons of sugar. Use a recipe to limit your fat and sugar intake this year.

Gingerbread– Graham crackers can be used as a healthier and easier option. If not graham crackers, look for crackers without high fructose corn syrup. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, make your own!

Building gingerbread houses can be affordable and do not occupy too much time. If you would like to make everything from scratch then here is a link that you can use. On this website, there is a step-by-step process on how to make a gingerbread house. (http://www.yummly.com/recipe/external/Children_s-Gingerbread-House-Allrecipes)

Hope this is a great holiday filled with much laughter and much joy. Enjoy making the gingerbread houses with your children. Try healthier options for building the ginger bread houses.  Let them be creative! These will be the memories you will remember.

Written by Samantha Fortier


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