Reflections from the Summer: Fruits and Veggies Galore!

During the summer, we had several lessons that the children enjoyed.  One lesson in particular was the “Fruits and Vegetables” lesson. The children loved it because the lesson was exciting. The lesson was a good way for the children to understand and remember what is good about vitamins and nutrients.  The lesson taught them that “your plate should look like a rainbow.”

A great game that was played with the children was the mystery bag game. We had four bags with clues of either a fruit or a vegetable. The children worked in four groups and within the groups they talked about the clues. After reviewing the clues and touching the mysterious food item, the children tried to guess what they had.  The children had to tell us if they had a fruit or vegetable. They presented the fruit and vegetables to the classroom. The children absolutely loved this game!  With excitement and questions, the children loved participating in the game.

The recipe for this lesson featured Zucchini Carrot Muffins.  The children were hesitant about trying this new type of muffin because it had vegetables.  The children helped to make the muffins by measuring each ingredient and mixing them all together. The children enjoyed cooking -it was probably the most exciting time for the children.

During each lesson, the children asked many questions. I could see how curious they were about fruits and vegetables and other nutrition topics. Almost every child had a question. The more involved the children were with each lesson, the more inquisitive they became. I truly enjoyed working with children, seeing their curiosity about healthy eating blossom a bit more each lesson.

Click here to check out a recipe for the Zucchini Carrot Muffins! 

Written by Samantha Fortier


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