On Monday, July 11th, we attended two different family events for The Healthy Bodies Project at the same time to present an educational nutrition display, provide a fun activity, and offer a food tasting! Although we were surprised by the low attendance at one of the events, we were still able to engage the students, their siblings and their parents in the nutritional information that we provided and the fruit pizza food tasting.20160711_120407

The recipe that we used to make the fruit pizzas is approved by the USDA and is both fun and easy to make. Fruit pizzas take very little time to prepare and the ingredients are relatively inexpensive and easily accessible.

Our two educational displays provided information about the sugar content of commonly consumed beverages and healthy substitutions for common foods. As for the activities, children were asked to either spin a spinning wheel that had fun exercises written on each section or pull a Popsicle stick out of a colorful bucket with the same fun exercises written on them as on the spinning wheel. If the children completed these exercises, they could pick a small prize!

Most of the children were interested in trying a fruit pizza and many of them confirmed that they enjoyed the pizzas and would try them again. Our hope is that by showing the children and their families how simple and quick it is to prepare a healthy fruit pizza, they will make it at home. The fruit pizzas consisted of half of a whole wheat English muffin, low-fat whipped strawberry cream cheese, sliced strawberries, sliced green grapes, and canned mandarin oranges.

After talking with many of the parents at the events, I found it very inspiring to hear that The Healthy Bodies Project has positively impacted the lives of the children that participate in the program. Hearing even one parent explain how they have made healthy changes to their family’s diet because of our program is an indescribable feeling. I am positive that we will continue to leave a lasting impression on the families that we work with!

By: Mallory Tomko, Senior

Biobehavioral Health Major

     Human Development and Family Studies Minor



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