What’s a G-BOMB??

When it comes to healthy eating, eating natural can have many benefits.  So eat your G-BOMBS! G-BOMBS stand for Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds.

Greens are the most nutrient dense food and are very high in protein.  They contain phytochemicals such as folate and calcium as well as omega-3.  Being calcium rich, greens are a great source of this important nutrient for the lactose intolerant.  In addition to this, greens have carotenoids – antioxidant pigments that can help keep your body healthy.


Beans are carbohydrates that digest slowly which help you stay fuller longer and stabilize blood sugar levels.  Because they keep you full, beans can also help promote weight loss. Not only do beans do this, but they also are known to lower cholesterol by containing soluble fiber.  Adding beans, lentils, and peas into a diet can have many benefits.


Onions are apart of the allium family, along with garlic, chives, leeks, and scallions.  They help to detoxify carcinogens which are harmful and cause cancer.  Onions are rich in antioxidants to keep your cells healthy!


Mushrooms  contain B vitamins to provide energy and minerals that can protect your cells from damage from harmful compounds. In addition to this, they have compounds that block the production of estrogen, which fights against breast cancer.  Adding onions to a salad, vegetable medley, or pasta sauce is always a good idea!

preparing food

Berries are a great food option! Blueberries, strawberries and blackberries are known to be super foods and their different colors mean they are rich in antioxidants.  Berries are also linked to improving the brains memory abilities, all of these are just a start to the benefits that berries provide – not to mention they are delicious and are a great healthy food to snack on!

Bowl of berries.jpg

Seeds are such an underrated and natural food.  Seeds contain healthy fats, much like nuts.  Common examples include flax, chia, and hemp, which are all high in omega-3 fats.  Some individual benefits: flax is high in fiber, sunflower seeds are high in protein, pumpkin seeds are rich in iron, calcium and zinc and sesame seeds are rich in calcium, and vitamin E.  Easy ways to add seeds into a diet include adding a tablespoon of ground flax to your morning smoothie or roasting some pumpkin seeds during this fall season!


G-BOMBS are a great guide to eating healthy and natural!

Michaela Marie Pagano

Pennsylvania State University | Class of 2019

Eberly School of Science | Biology


The Healthiest, Anti-Cancer Foods: G-BOMBS


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