In the transition from the cold months of Winter to the warmer days of Spring, everyone is longing for sunnier days and hotter weather. This chili recipe is a great dinner to make to keep warm and cozy until Winter finally passes. Chili is a quick and delicious meal that will be loved by all family members. Beans are naturally low in fat, free of saturated fat and trans-fat, and also a cholesterol-free source of protein. This meal only takes thirty minutes to prepare and cook. Each portion contains twenty-eight grams of protein and five grams of fiber to ensure the body is fueled. Below is the list of ingredients to make six servings of this delicious chili that is only 310 calories per serving and very filling.


30-Minute Chili Con Carne

From USDA Mixing Bowl





  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 onion (chopped)
  • 2 cups Light red kidney beans (cooked)
  • 1 can tomato soup (no water added)
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 10 drops hot pepper sauce



  1. In a large skillet, brown the meat for ten to fifteen minutes.
  2. Drain the meat; add onion and cook for five minutes.
  3. Add kidney beans, soup, chili powder, and hot pepper sauce and heat for five minutes.


This chili recipe is the perfect meal to wrap up the cold months of winter. It is easy to make and the ingredients can be doubled or tripled so that there are leftovers to last throughout the week. Give this recipe a try as it is sure to not disappoint!


For more healthy recipes check out the USDA Mixing Bowl!

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