Guava was our food this week for our Eating through the Alphabet curriculum! Since I have been cooking right along with our project, I decided I would invite a few friends over for dinner and introduce them to this new and exotic food.

Guava is a tropical fruit that is high in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, making it a very healthy choice.  It can be eaten as the whole fruit or used in many different types of recipes. The internet is abound with recipes for guava pastries, jelly, chutney and salsa.

pexels-photo-106343I decided to make chicken wings with a guava BBQ sauce, served alongside sautéed Brussels sprouts and portabella mushroom pizzas to round out our dinner. When questioned, it seemed as though everyone had eaten Brussels sprouts before, so I was the only one for whom they were a novelty last year!

The guava BBQ sauce received mixed reviews; it was tangy and slightly sweet, but we all agreed we would like just a little more spice in our wing sauce. There was plenty of sauce left for another batch of wings, so a few days later I added some chili powder and brown sugar for batch number two. This time we all agreed that the added spice and sugar gave the wings just the right amount of smoky sweetness.

mushrooms-brown-mushrooms-cook-eat.jpgHowever, the biggest surprise that came from my guava-centric meal were the portabella mushrooms. One of our local magazines recently printed an article that featured a recipe for portabella mushroom pizza. The picture accompanying the article looked so appetizing that I decided that I must make them! Essentially you use the portobella cap as the “crust” of your pizza. All you need to do is add sauce, cheese, and any other toppings that you would like, before baking and enjoying!

To be honest, I have never liked mushrooms. But I was shocked–these were so delicious! I know you are hearing that a lot from me. Every week in fact! But every week I am pleasantly surprised to find something new, something healthy, and something simply delicious as a result of Cooking Through the Alphabet. What about you? Have any of you come across something new and delicious these past few weeks? Leave a comment below!









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