Food Safety Part 1!

Spring cleaning doesn’t stop at the typical household chores. Food safety is a very important part of keeping your family healthy and happy! There are four basic steps to keeping food safe for you and your family all year long.

4 Steps to Food Safety - Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill


Clean your hands

CLEAN: Wash Hands and Surfaces Often

  • To keep bacteria at bay always wash your hands before and after handling food. Hands should be washed with warm water and soap for 20 seconds or more!
    • Tip: Practice this with your family by washing your hands together while singing your favorite song. Any song longer than 20 seconds will do and you can choose a different song each time. 
  • Wash all kitchen surfaces including counter tops, cutting boards, and utensils often with warm soapy water. This reduces cross contamination between surfaces.
    • Tip: Wash all counter tops before you begin. This will force you to clear all surfaces and allow you a fresh clean space to begin preparing food. 
  • Rinse produce under warm running water including anything with a skin that will be eaten such as apples and cucumbers. 
    • Tip: Use a clean scrub brush on firm-skinned fruits and vegetables such as potatoes. 
  • Keep shopping bags, backpacks, and other objects off of surfaces used to prepare or serve food to reduce exposure to bacteria. 
    • Tip: Put all groceries and other objects away before preparing food. This will allow you to stay clean and organized so you can focus on safe food preparation. 


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